..........Ake Rice Mill Company Limited is engaged and specialized in rice business for more than 5 decades by generation to generation. In the early period of the business, the main business activity was to polish and produce a variety of quality rice not only under its own brand for the domestic sale including Bangkok area and nearby, bur also, the other company brand.

..........When the time was passed with the development in human social, the consumer behavior was changed. The packing form also needed to be adjusted from the normal sacks and bulk bag to the standard plastic bag of 5 kg which became the popularity among the Thai consumer. The retail plastic packaging with die cut handles was brought for the first time to the domestic market of Thailand.

For the contribution made by the company to design and introduce innovative packaging, The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment has bestowed an award for outstanding packaging of an agricultural product.

The company has been gained the high achievement in both of business activities and sale volume. Until 1995, with the intension of expanding the market scale to abroad and introducing the varieties of the quality rice to international market. Therefore the new completely automatic and computerized was established and located on the area of 4000 m 2 in Nonthaburi Province with the construction budget of 180 million bath.

..........Ake Rice Mill Company Limitedís new factory used the advanced modern production technology. Full computerized processing equipment permits the new facility to produce rice packed in 5 kg retail bag up to 30 million bags a year or 150 thousand ton of rice annually, which values 4,000 million baths a year.

For the total amount of rice produced, 80% is exported under both of the customerís brand, and its own brand - Thai Village brand. The remaining of 20%, is sold to Thai domestic market.

The main export market
is US A, Canada, European countries, Australia, and Papua New Guinea, etc.